10:00 a. m. Meeting for Worship

June 4, 2023

We are eagerly awating a message from Kristine Bentz this Sunday. Kristine lives in a chunk of forest in Deer Park with her husband Alan Binnie and a menagerie of animals who all bring her wonder, delight, occasional frustration, plenty of chores and laughter on a daily basis. She has served various communities in the public and private sectors throughout her professional life, most recently serving as a spiritual and bereavement counselor for a hospice in Tucson, AZ. She also has a passion for helping families take care of their own dead, as well as co-creating rituals and ceremonies withpeople to honor their own life milestones.

And please join us for our monthly Community Potluck Meal at rise of worship today. All are welcome


Spokane Friends also hosts a traditional unprogrammed “Worship in the Manner of Friends” at 8:45 am on Sunday mornings in the Fellowship Hall. All are welcome and some Friends who attend this “silent” or “listening” worship stay to attend the programmed worship service at 10:00 am

The Programmed Worship may be attended in person at the Meeting House or via Zoom. The Zoom link is below:




June 11. . John Kinney [Monthly Meeting for Business after rise of worship.]

June 18 . . Ruthie Tippin