The Peace Queries

The Queries are thoughtful questions that remind people of the spiritual and moral values Friends seek to uphold.  They help individuals and the church to consider the true source of spiritual strength, to nurture loving relationships, and to maintain a strong Christian witness to society.  The Queries should be read frequently, as a whole or in part, in meetings for worship and business and other gathering of Friends, and in private devotions.  Always there should be time for reflection.  Reading the Queries is a tradition of Friends.

The Peace Queries

Do you find ways to live peacefully in your daily relationships?  Do you encourage others to do so by education and example?


Do you recognize, express, and dwell in the Christ as your ultimate source of security?


In a spirit of repentance, confession, and forgiveness, are you willing to leave vengeance to God and pray for your enemies?


Are you active in a community that supports one another in following Jesus’ call to peace?


Are you proactive in praying, speaking, and acting against the injustice that may bring on the occasion for terrorism and war?


Do you find ways to learn about and understand the Friends Peace Testimony?


Do you act in loving and respectful ways toward those who disagree with the Quaker Peace Testimony?
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