Holding in the Light

During Meeting for Worship, many share joys about changes in their lives, new opportunities, new jobs, new ministries, unexpected blessings; others share concerns.  You may wish to carry these joys and concerns in your heart and remember them in your prayers.

Walter’s new opportunity to do media work for United Way.

Jessica, meeting needs of others in Ukraine.

A good report from Sue’s recent scan for cancer.

John and Krista as they move into their new home, and Krista with new job responsibilities.

Kjiersten with a new job and new apartment; Robbie with a new job.

Don and Lorna and family as Don recovers from recent surgery to replace a heart valve.

Karrena with widespread bone cancer and her mother Silvia with recently discovered bone cancer.

For young people drawn into drug addition or isolation and considering ending their lives.

For incarcerated people facing long sentences and looking for meaning in their lives.

That we may awake and rise to the challenge of cleaning up and renewing our planet.

Strength, courage, and comfort for those facing loss of homes, lives of friends and family members, and those fleeing their country to escape such horrors.

.A mighty movement of God’s Spirit to bring an end to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

No longer in the headlines, but still needing the action of God’s Spirit: Yemen, Syria, Burma, Somalia, Afghanistan.

World Relief and other such organization trying to care for those arriving as immigrants in our country.

Hope that our country may begin to address the systematic racism of our economic and criminal justice systems. 

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.

Hate cannot overcome hate; only love can do that.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.