Holding in the Light

During Meeting for Worship, many share joys about changes in their lives, new opportunities, new jobs, new ministries, unexpected blessings; others share concerns.  You may wish to carry these joys and concerns in your heart and remember them in your prayers.

We rejoice in the recording of three new members of our Meeting.

Steve’s recent successes in continuing his education.

A quiet death for a cousin in hospice for a brain tumor.

Sally, returning to a more normal life after months of caring for her cousin’s family.

Lois as she travels to California for some “granddaughter time” and Walter travelling to CA and Montreal.

Jessica, dealing with new co-workers in Ukraine

Kathie Dear’ s family and Earl, mourning the loss of Kathie’s daughter.

Members of our immediate Meeting community quarantined for COVID and COVID exposure

It cannot be denied that too often the weight of the Christian movement has been on the side

 of the strong and the powerful and against the weak and oppressed—this, despite the gospel.”

Howard Thurman